Oscar Noriega's Play Party: LUCIANO'S DREAMWhat the reviewers say about
Oscar Noriega's Play Party: Luciano's Dream (OmniTone 12004)

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  • "Noriega's musical vision is very wide in scope, encompassing, from the sounds of this record, the rich history of jazz, myriad folk musics, as well as 20th century classical sounds...a wide-ranging and satisfying musical document."
    —Tom Benton, All Music Guide
  • "...thrillingly original talent ... a spectacular quartet ... Noriega has a rasped tone that weaves into unflappable expanses, only to jar the floor in a flash with bolting, jostling exclamations."
    —Andrew Bartlett, Amazon.com
  • "This is fascinating jazz, swinging and driving, yet sitting somewhere in between the conventional and the outside in true downtown New York fashion....  I especially like Noriega's bass clarinet playing.  He has a deep feel for the atmospheric possibilities of the instrument, and uses it to great effect. The supporting cast is first rate as well.
    —Tom Chandler, RasputinMusic.com
  • "Impressive debut from this fine reeds player... Hot, bitter-sweet, jazz-funk from this great bassless quartet!" 
    Downtown Music Gallery (New York)
  • "Noriega encapsulates the total experience through a climactic arrangement and memorable melody."
    —Glenn Astarita, Down Beat (February 2001)
  • "...the music manages to sound radiant and impressively varied." 
    —Philip Clark, Jazz Review (February 2001)
  • "... a very impressive release that presents the quartet working within the song form while simultaneously expanding the style's range in terms of both rhythms and timbres.  Definitely recommended."
    IAJRC Journal (Summer 2001)

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