M.O.B. Trio: Loose (OmniTone 15004)

Watch out!   From the self-proclaimed "Tightest Untight Band" in jazz, this one'll turn your ears around!  Downtown stalwarts tenorman Ohad Talmor, bassist Bob Bowen and in-demand drummer Matt Wilson have played in just about every context that creative jazz has to offer.  (Lee Konitz, Steve Swallow, Ray Anderson, Dewey Redman, Sheila Jordan and Michael Brecker are just a tiny sampling of recent collaborators.)

M.O.B. Trio is their collective vision: structured, catchy compositions filled with lots of space, colored by their broad musical experience and close personal alliance.  This one is fun!

Matt Wilson, drums ·
Ohad Talmor, tenor saxophone ·
Bob Bowen, bass

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M.O.B. Trio: LOOSE
Cover painting:
 Alignement de Petits Etres Jaune
(Alignment of the Little Yellow Beings)

by Eugene Gabritchevsky
With the kind permission of
Collection de L'Art Brut,
Lausanne, Switzerland
Trk Title RA
1.  "Slinky" (8:03) (Ohad Talmor, Ohadsound/ASCAP) Hi Low WMA MP3
2.  "Yurname" (5:11) (Talmor) Hi Low WMA MP3
3.  "Compulsion" (9:30) (Bob Bowen, TreborSonics/SESAC) Hi Low WMA MP3
4.  "Slog" (7:33) (Bowen) Hi Low WMA MP3
5.  "SAD" (8:41) (Talmor) Hi Low WMA MP3
6.  "Proxy" (8:43) (Bowen) Hi Low WMA MP3
7.  "Surround" (6:19) (Matt Wilson, Grainfed Music/SESAC) Hi Low WMA MP3
8.  "Denis & Dilek" (7:10) (Talmor) Hi Low WMA MP3
9.  "Funk Assembly" (7:48) (Bowen) Hi Low WMA MP3

Recorded live to two-track on 29 October 1999 at Maggie's Farm, Pipersville PA
Recording engineer: Matt Balitsaris

Special thanks goes to Theresa Segreti at the American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD, for helping secure the permission to the the cover painting.

Producer: M.O.B. Trio
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

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