Reviews of String Trio of New York: Gut Reaction (OmniTone 12202)

String Trio of New York: GUT REACTION
  • 4 [out of 5] stars". . . excellent, no-nonsense soloing and intelligent, balanced ensemble work, including solid collective improvisation.  Emery produces a tough, funky tone . . . Thomas . . . turns in singing, lyrical legato work. . . .  Lindberg’s work is relaxed and melodic and displays humor.  'In So Many Worlds' is an exuberantly eclectic and good-natured portrait of the versatile and original [pianist Jaki] Byard, — Dave Douglas deserves credit for getting it right. The creative solos, tasteful ensemble improvising, and substantive original compositions make this 17th album by the group a worthy addition to the discography." —Harvey Pekar, Boston Phoenix
  • "S3NY (as they abbreviate themselves) is dense and jagged and loud.  John Lindberg strums and hammers (with the back of his bow?) the strings of his bass.  Rob Thomas plucks his violin and makes it squeal.  James Emery's thrashing chords create thick washes of sound from his acoustic guitar.  Effete this band is not. . . .  S3NY is intended as an interactive democratic entity, but new member Rob Thomas steals the show. He is a violinist of exceptional creative resources. He more than holds his own with split-second decisions in blistering collective improvisations, and he is riveting as a solo voice, with a rich, complex tone that can sing or shriek." —Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes
  • ". . . not just 'chamber jazz' or 'neo-classical' music — it swings with intensity. . . .  Gut Reaction is testimony to the String Trio of New York's repute for great live performances, which shows no signs of slowing down." —Sean Patrick Fitzell, All About Jazz-New York
  • "This extraordinary and enduring trio has been around for a quarter century. . . .  'Upstart' begins with both James and John banging intensely on their strings until they into the gnarly yet oddly swinging theme.  Soon James takes an incredible, furious acoustic, hollow-body guitar solo that would certainly give a heart attack to most mellow pickers or listeners. . . .  Emery's 'Ode' is an elegant work with some exquisite acoustic guitar and violin both playing his haunting melody with delicate finesse, while John plays his poignant bass part at the center. . . .  a highly charged offering from the sensational String Trio of New York!" —Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery newsletter

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