2002 Grammy Nominee!
Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album

Jim McNeely Tentet: Group Therapy Jim McNeely: Group Therapy (OmniTone 15101)

Much awaited debut of Grammy-nominated arranger, composer and pianist Jim McNeely's "lean and mean" ten-piece band.  Top-flight New York musicians from the Vanguard and Carnegie Hall orchestras and cutting edge movers and shakers from the "downtown" creative music scene convene for one helluva Group Therapy session that redefines the standard for larger ensemble writing.

Includes five highly inventive originals plus phenomenal reworkings of the classic "Body and Soul" and Coltrane's "Village Blues" and a stunning reharmonization of "Silent Night."  For new music lovers and big band fans!

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Tony Kadleck or Greg Gisbert, Scott Wendholt, trumpet · Tom Varner, French horn · Ed Neumeister, trombone · Dick Oatts, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute · Billy Drewes, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet · Scott Robinson, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet · Cameron Brown, bass · John Hollenbeck, drums · Jim McNeely, piano

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  1. "The Fruit" (Earl "Bud" Powell, EMI Longitude Music/BMI) (8:15)
    Solos: Drewes, Wendholt, Neumeister, Oatts, Kadleck, Robinson, Varner, Brown, Robinson, McNeely, Hollenbeck
  2. "Cranky Takes a Holiday" (9:04)
    Solos: Hollenbeck, Drewes, Neumeister
  3. "Silent Night" (Traditional) (8:22)
    Solos: Robinson, McNeely, Wendholt, Drewes
  4. "Lost" (10:37)
    Solos: McNeely, Oatts, Hollenbeck
  5. "Group Therapy" (11:34)
    Solos: Brown/McNeely, Drewes/Wendholt, Robinson/Hollenbeck, Oatts/Varner, Neumeister/Kadleck, Neumeister, Drewes, Wendholt, Robinson, Varner, Oatts, Kadleck, McNeely, Neumeister, Drewes, Wendholt, Robinson, Varner, Oatts, Kadleck, McNeely, Robinson/Neumeister, Drewes/Varner, Oatts/Wendholt, Kadleck/McNeely
  6. "Village Blues" (John Coltrane, Jowcol Music/BMI) (8:02)
    Solo: Neumeister, Varner, Drewes
  7. "Body and Soul" (Johnny Green, Edward Heyman, WB Music/ASCAP) (6:09)
    Solos: Oatts
  8. "A Perfect Six" (9:15)
    Solos: McNeely, Brown, Wendholt

All compositions by Jim McNeely, Wu Wei Music/BMI, except where indicated.

Recorded on 5-6 June 2000 at The Studio, New York City
Engineer: Jon Rosenberg

Produced by Frank Tafuri and Jim McNeely
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

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