What the reviewers say about the Jim McNeely Tentet: Group Therapy (OmniTone 15101)

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  • 2002 Grammy© Award nominee, "Best Large Ensemble Jazz Album"
  • "McNeely maintains an agile, helium-light ensemble sound...Group Therapy is an original creation, without a revivalist bone in its body." —James Marcus, Amazon.com
  • "McNeely creates a sound that is futuristic yet rich...a worthy candidate for jazz album of the year, even at this early date." —David Adler, AllAboutJazz.com
  • ""The tremendous playing of
    everyone involved makes one hope that this wasn't just a one-shot studio gathering but something that Jim McNeely would like to build upon for future recordings. Very highly recommended." —Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
  • "There's the familiar grounding in mainstream elements and swing, yet also plenty of space for collective improvising in rhythmic areas not so clearly defined.  The blending and juxtaposing of these approaches make this band like no other." —Will Smith, Down Beat (June 2001)
  • ""Group Therapy is an exciting attempt to bring the freedom of small group jazz to a larger, but not too large, ensemble, mixing improvisation
    and orchestral form."  —George Kanzler, Newark Star-Ledger
  • "...an agile little big band and a chance for to show off all [of McNeely's] tuneful goods at once.... McNeely's inventive writing is the focus of this recording." —Aaron Steinberg, JazzTimes
  • "Jim McNeely's put together a fine tentet for his Group Therapy, a disc that swings in very subtle ways....this CD gives us a large dose of his remarkable talent." —SD Feeney, Face Magazine
  • "Letter Grade: A...  With the exchanges between instruments, you can actually visualize a group therapy session.  Got a problem?  McNeely might have the answer." —Don Henke, Dayton Daily News
  • Recommended Jazz." —Chuck Obuchowski, New England Jazz Radio Cooperative (WWUH-FM)

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