Ron Horton biography
(Born 1960, Bethesda MD)

Ron Horton.  Photo by Lourdes Delgado.
Photo by Lourdes Delgado

Attended Berklee College of Music, Boston, 1978-80.  Moved to New York City in 1982.

Has performed in groups led by: Andrew Hill, Jane Ira Bloom, Frank Kimbrough, Ben Allison, Ted Nash, Allan Chase, Bill Mays, Jon Gordon, Andy Laster, Phillip Johnston, Matt Wilson, Roberta Piket, Rez Abassi, Walter Thompson, Pete Malinverni, Jamie Baum, Bill Gerhardt, Rich Rosenzweig, John McKenna, Michael Jefry Stevens, Peggy Stern and others.

Has performed extensively with Jazz Composers Collective since its inception in 1992.

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