What reviewers say about Ron Horton: Genius Envy (OmniTone 11902)

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  • Ron Horton: GENIUS ENVY"...among '99's best..." —Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe
  • "1999: The year's top 10 jazz recordings" —Ken Franckling, United Press International
  • "Mellow yet edgy, unsettling yet soothing, varied yet coherent, Horton's complex yet melodic music balances enough facets that it's endlessly fascinating." —Steve Holtje, Jazziz
  • "'Genius Envy' (OmniTone) bears the imprint of patience and maturity as well as historical literacy.  It is studiously attentive to jazz of the last 40 years, specifically, a line of small-group composers like Paul Bley, Ornette Coleman, Andrew Hill and Marty Ehrlich, all of whom have written fairly romantic music while experimenting with rhythm and harmony."  —Ben Ratliff, New York Times
  • "Ron's writing, like his playing, is melodic, engaging the listener while still taking their ears to new musical places." —GMN.com
  • "Aside from being an inventive, exhilarating and fluid trumpet master, Ron is also a dynamic and inspired composer, and Genius Envy is filled with deep and melodic compositions that are superb....  Genius Envy is an engaging, moving and impressive debut from Ron Horton that is worthy of continuous listening pleasure." —Jazz Online
  • "It's hard to pick out the uppermost entrancing feature of Ron Horton's debut, Genius Envy....   Horton's writing is at the heart of the session ... tremendously narrative, providing ingenious setups that grow into all sorts of dramatic developments - oddly timed rhythmic interludes, gutsy plunger-mute trumpet solos, and chamberesque commentaries on a slow-going bass solo - before resolving into sheer, smart works....   ...beautiful, decorous music. Horton's debut holds a wealth of promise." —Andrew Bartlett, Amazon
  • "[Genius Envy] showcases the monstrous talents of trumpeter/composer Ron Horton....  Horton shines as a formidable composer, arranger and leader...  Genius Envy is mood evoking, poetic, cool, spirited and sure to capture the hearts of many jazz aficionados....  Highly recommended... " —Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz.com
  •   "...Horton pushes the progressive mainstream envelope with his witty music, brimming with vigor, soul and risk taking.  A flawless technical player, Horton's lyrical lines and steadfast approach to pure melody and harmonic invention earmarks this recording not only as his breakthrough, but a potent reminder there's still original music to be discovered in modern jazz....  Recommended."  —Michael G Nastos, All Music Guide
  • 2001 Critics' Best —Leonel Santos, JazzPortugal.net
  • "Ron Horton plays beautiful trumpet on some complex charts, never losing his spry spirit."  —AtYourPlaza.com
  • "This is a great CD from a great trumpet player.  [Drummer] Matt Wilson has said that this is one of the best releases of 1999.  Buy it now!"  —A fan review on Amazon
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