Brooklyn Sax Quartet: Far Side of Here (OmniTone 12206)

Brooklyn Sax Quartet: FAR SIDE OF HEREFusing classic modern American jazz with newer sounds and rhythms drawn on African and Asian influences, the Brooklyn Sax Quartet explores works by co-leaders David Bindman and Fred Ho, melding the sounds that teem through the "far side of here."

Besides featuring wide ranging original compositions by Bindman and Ho — including Ho's dynamic Black Nation Suite and a hip arrangement of "A Night in Tunisia" in 5/4 — this recording is dedicated to and includes some of the the last recordings of a founding member of the BSQ, the late alto saxophonist Sam Furnace.

David Bindman, tenor saxophone
Fred Ho, baritone saxophone
Sam Furnace (#4-8)
or Rudresh Mahanthappa (#1-3, 9-11), alto saxophone
John O'Gallagher, soprano saxophone

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Click below on MP3 or WMA to hear one-minute sound samples.
  1.  Tie Me Sufre (pronounced "teeay may soofray")
(David Bindman) (8:51)
 MP3   WMA 
  2.  Fishing Song of the East China Sea
(Fred Ho) (2:14)
 MP3   WMA 
  3.  I Understand Now (Bindman) (3:21)  MP3   WMA 
  4.  A Night in Tunisia (John Birks Gillespie, Frank Paparelli,
arr David Bindman and royal hartigan) (7:49)
 MP3   WMA 
The Black Nation Suite (Ho)
  5.  O, Freedom (1:44) (Traditional)  MP3   WMA 
  6.  We Shall Overcome
(Pete Seeger, Ludlow Music/BMI) (1:46)
 MP3   WMA 
  7.  Free New Afrika! Boogaloo (4:42)  MP3   WMA 
  8.  Song for a United Socialist Pan Africa (4:39)
(Semenya McCord, originally titled "Song for Mozambique")
 MP3   WMA 
  9.  Lush Life (Billy Strayhorn, arr Ho) (4:51)  MP3   WMA 
  10.  Spinning (Bindman) (8:15)  MP3   WMA 
  11.  Jajo (pronounced "YAH-yo") (Bindman) (6:30)  MP3   WMA 

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