Brooklyn Sax Quartet: FAR SIDE OF HEREWhat the press has to say about
Brooklyn Sax Quartet: Far Side of Here
(OmniTone 12206)

All About Jazz: New York · · Hartford Courant ·
Utne Reader
· Weekly Alibi
  • "...these four horns bob and weave and play with the abandon of children — albeit very smart, well-trained children....   the musicians get deep inside the compositions and blow their way out with melody, harmony, and rhythm."
    — Keith Goetzman, Utne Reader   [read review]
  • 4 [out of 5] stars"....far from predictable.   Its range of styles spans from spirituals and fairly straight melody statements to some nearly free-form blowing.  Even its interpretations of straight-ahead material is informed by the jazz innovations of recent times and there are no moments when it sounds as if the group is coasting....   this is a consistently colorful set of rewarding music."
    —Scott Yanow,   [read review]
  • "There's lots of great music on this disc."
    —Richard Kamins, Hartford Courant   [read review]
  • "The vibrancy and emotion of the Brooklyn Sax Quartet underscores its social conscience.  This inventive group puts together a program that embraces multiculturalism and acknowledges the struggle against injustice without proselytizing...."
    —Terrell Kent Holmes, All About Jazz: New York     [read review]
  • "Energized by both the freshness that comes from pure ensemble improvisation and the timeless quality born of respectful recasting of classic pieces of music, the BSQ succeeds in its quest to attach new, beautifully colored elements to the jazz collage in an effort to attract new ears while satisfying the older ones.  That's one hell of a feat considering that serious jazz listeners are a discerning bunch.  But this particular fearless foursome will surprise even the staunchest skeptic."
    —Michael Henningsen, Weekly Alibi [Albuquerque, NM]     [read review]
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