Equal Interest: Equal Interest
(OmniTone 12001)

Midwest sensibilities and New York attitude converge in an energizing collective, fusing jazz, blues, classical and folk musics.  Comprised of two veterans of Chicago's venerable AACM (saxophonist Joseph Jarman and violinist Leroy Jenkins) and "downtown" NY pianist Myra Melford, Equal Interest explodes with sensual, exotic, even mystical sounds, bridging the past, present and future.  Pushing and groovin' new jazz for the new millennium.

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  1. "B'Pale Night" (Leroy Jenkins) (6:16)    [artist comments]
  2. "Rondo for Jenny" (Joseph Jarman) (7:10)    [artist comments]
  3. "Over This/Living Music" (Myra Melford) (10:43)     [artist comments]
  4. "Poem Song" (Jarman) (13:21)     [artist comments]
  5. "In the Moment" (Jenkins) (6:02)     [artist comments]
  6. "The Beauty We Love" (Melford) (5:26)     [artist comments]
  7. "Everything Today" (Melford) (3:34)     [artist comments]
  8. "Apricots from Eden" ("Sourmaloui Jerk") (Traditional Armenian) (6:21)     [artist comments]

Leroy Jenkins's music is published by Jenkins Music Company (SESAC), Joseph Jarman's by Bopbuda Publishing (ASCAP), and Myra Melford's by Sound on the Sun Publishing (BMI).

Joseph Jarman, flute, alto saxophone, Turkish hand drum, Vietnamese oboe, wind chimes · Leroy Jenkins, violin, viola · Myra Melford, piano, harmonium, foot

Recorded live to two-track on 2-3 August 1999 at Sear Sound, New York.
Engineer: Tom Schick
Producers: Equal Interest and Frank Tafuri
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

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