Selected discography of Adam Kolker

  • Change of Time: Change of Time (OmniTone)
    As a leader: 
  • Adam Kolker: Crazybird (A-Records)
    With Bruce Barth:
  • Somehow It's True (DoubleTime)
    With Ray Barretto:
  • Trance Dance (Universal)
  • Portraits in Jazz and Clav (BMG)
  • Contact (Blue Note)
  • My Summertime (Blue Note)
  • Taboo (Concord)
    With The Story:
  • Angel in the House
  • Grace in Gravity
    With Gunther Schuller:
  • Gunther Schuller/Orange Then Blue: Jumpin' in the Future (GM Recordings 3010)
  • Charles Mingus' Epitaph (Sony)
    With OrangeThenBlue:
  • Orange Then Blue: Music for Jazz Orchestra (GM Recordings 3006)
  • Orange Then Blue: Where Were You? (GM Recordings 3012)
  • Orange Then Blue: Funkallero (GM Recordings 3023)
    With Peter Herborn:
  • Large One (Jazz Line)
  • Large Two (Jazz Line)
Change of Time: CHANGE OF TIME
Adam Kolker: CRAZYBIRD
Gunther Schuller/Orange Then Blue: JUMPIN' IN THE FUTURE

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