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David Liebman selected discography

Key:    LeaderAs a leader    Co-leaderAs a co-leader    SidemanAs a sideman
  • Alain Gerber: Le Jazz Est Un Roman (Owl)
  • Cues Trio/Dave Liebman: Feel (Abeat)
  • David Liebman/Marc Copland: Bookends (Hatology)
  • Al Ashley: These Are Them (Jazz Land)
  • David Liebman/Dan Moretti/Don Braden: Latin-Genesis (Whaling City)
  • Reisinger/Liebman/Celea: Ghosts (Nightbird)
  • Jesse Green: Sylvan Treasure (Chiaroscuro)
  • Andre Nendza: Lichtblau (Crecycle Music)
  • Jeff Johnston: Nuages (Justin Time)
  • David Liebman-Marc Copland Quartet: Lunar (Hatology)
  • David Liebman/Abbey Rader: Cosmos (Cadence)
  • Piotr Wjastik: Hope (Power Brothers)
  • David Liebman/Manhattan School of Music Jazz Orchestra: Sketches of Spain
  • Alesandro Fabri Quartet: Ringin' Bells (Via Venuto Jazz)
  • David Liebman/Mike Zilber: Live at the Jazz School (Jazzschool)
  • Jeff Rehab: Topaz under the Moon (Topaz)
  • Lewis Porter: Second Voyage (Altrisuoni)
  • Dimitrious Vassilakis: Daedalus (Candid)
  • Marc Van Roon/David Liebman: Among Birds and Beasts (Apple on the Moon)
  • JD Walter/David Liebman: Clear Day (Double Time)
  • Tisziji Munoz: The Human Spirit (Anami)
  • Jeff Berlin: In Harmony's Way (MAJ)
  • Maurizio Giammarco/David Liebman: Live at Big Mama's (Soul Note)
  • David Liebman/Mike Zilber: Live at the Jazz School (Jazzschool)
  • Dave Liebman Trio: Monk's Mood (Double Time Jazz)   [Buy at OmniTone store]
  • Misako Kano: Purple Circles (Jazz Focus)
  • Tisziji Munoz: Presence of Joy (Anami)
  • Peter Wettre Trio: In Color (Resonant Music)
  • Dave Liebman Group: The Unknown Jobim (GMN)
  • Teo Macero: Dark Star (TMP)
  • Dave Liebman/Abbey Rader: Inner Voices Live (Abray)
  • Allie Defau: Orphee (Night and Day)
  • Randy Brecker/Buster Williams/Joanne Brackeen/Dave Liebman/Pat Martino/Al Foster: Jazz Pioneers of the 70s (201 Music)
  • Arkadia All Stars: Thank You, John (Arkadia)
    [Liebman cut nominated for Grammy]
  • Bill Laswell/Miles Davis: Panthalassa (Columbia)
  • Various artists: Endless Miles (N2K)
  • Andre Bush: Invisible City (Odd Culture)
  • JoAnne Brackeen: Pink Elephant Magic (Arkadia)
  • Bill Laswell: Sacred System Nagual Site (Wicklow)
  • Robert Musso: Innermedium (DIW)
  • John Nugent: Taurus People (Jazz Focus)
  • Richie Zellon: Metal Caribe (Song-o-saurus)
  • Lenora Helms: Spirit Child (J Curve)
  • Jean Paul Celea/David Liebman/Wolfgang Reisinger: Missing a Page (Label Bleu)
  • David Liebman/Ronan Guilfoyle Trio: After Dark (IMC)
  • David Liebman/Florian Ross: Suite for Soprano Sax and Strings (Naxos)
  • Various artists: Detroit Montreux Jazz Festival (Ford Motor Corporation)
  • Uli Soykal: Pantau-X (Pantau)
  • Amdy Emler: Sombritude (Casa)
  • Peter Weniger: I Mean You (Mons)
  • Ravi Magnifique: Meeting Two (Au Merle Moquer)
  • Marvin Stamm: Stamm/Soph Project (Marstam)
  • SkipWilkins and Jill Allen: Petty Theft (Cathexis)
  • Liebman/Celea/Reisinger: Atelier Musicale Del Ventesimo Secolo (Associazone Culturale)
  • Badal Roy: Passing Dreams (Greetika)
  • John Stowell: The Banff Sessions (Origin)
  • David Liebman: Colors (Hatology)
  • Rolf Kuh: Affairs (Intuition)
  • David Liebman with Pat Metheny: Water, Giver of Life (Arkadia Jazz)
  • David Liebman/Abbey Rader: Inner Voices (Abray)
  • Pete LaRoca (Sims): Swing Time (Blue Note)
  • Terumasa Hino: Off The Coast (Sweet Basil)
  • David Liebman: Time Immemorial (Enja)
  • Nick Bissesi: Free Time (Hallway)
  • David Liebman: A Walk in the Clouds: Liebman Plays Puccini (Arkadia Jazz)
  • Liebman/Votilla/Jormin/Savolinen: Hunters-Gatherers (Double Time)
  • Conrad Herwig: New York Breed (Double Time) [Buy]
  • David Liebman: Return of the Tenor: Standards (Double Time)    [Buy]
  • Daniel Humair: Quatre Fois Trois (Label Bleu)
  • Jean Paul Celea/David Liebman/Wolfgang Reisinger: World View (Label Bleu)
  • Liebman/Danielsson/Stenson/Christensen: Live in New York (Dragon)
  • Greg Waits: And into the Light (Jagre Music)
  • Dis Tanz: Michael Nick,Transes Europeenes(France)
  • New Vista: David Liebman, Arkadia Jazz
  • An Echoed Smile: Matt Ballisteras, Palmetto
  • The Music Of Alec Wilder: Vic Juris, Double Time
  • Thought Provoking: Rick DellaRatta, Stella
  • But Beautiful: Dave Liebman, Phil Markowitz, Sunshine Digital (Japan)
  • Homepage: Uli Rennert, SOS Music (Austria)
  • Rencontre: Papaq with David Liebman (France)
  • The Four Elements: Jens Winther, Stunt (Denmark)
  • Adventures: Ken Sangster, Jazz Focus (Canada)
  • No Images: John Hollenbeck (CRI)
  • Luis Vidal with David Liebman: Fresh Sound (Spain)
  • Orchestre De Cambra, Luis Vidal and David Liebman: Fresh Sound (Spain)
  • Mr. X: Mordy Ferber, Ozone
  • New York Rendezvous: Didier Lockwood, JMS (France)
  • In The Same Breath: David Liebman, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Mick Goodrick, CMP (Germany)
  • Voyage: David Liebman, Evidence
  • Prayer For My Father: Valery Volkov, Sigman International
  • Miss You In New York: T Square, CBS/Sony (Japan)
  • Adventure Publique: Papaq (France)
  • If I Only Knew: Reuben Hoch, Bellaphon (Germany)
  • Meditations Suite: David Liebman, Arkadia Jazz
  • Souls and Masters: David Liebman and Mike Gerber, Cactus(Canada)
  • Liebman/Daniellson/Christensen/Stenson: Far North (Curling Legs)
  • David Liebman: Miles Away (Owl/EMI)
  • Bill Gerhardt: Particular Vernacular (Planet X)
  • Jarmo Savolinen: True Image (Challenge)
  • Intergalactic Ballet: Gulf (TipToe)
  • David Liebman/Marc van Roon Trio: Falling Stones (Mons)
  • David Liebman: Songs for My Daughter (Soul Note)    [Buy at OmniTone store]
  • David Liebman/Miku Narunsky: Graphic Reality (Owl/EMI)
  • Afro Blue Band: Latin Jazz Dance (Milestone)
  • Scott Cutshall: Zyphoid Process (CMP)
  • Ulf Radelius: From Me to You (DEP)
  • When Granny Sleeps: When Granny Sleeps (Storyville)
  • Pete McGuinness: Sliding In (Episode)
  • David Liebman: Besame Mucho (Red)
  • Peter Weniger: Key Of The Moment (Mons)
  • Bocle Brothers: Tales From The Reefs (One)
  • Motohiko Hino: It's There (Fun House)
  • Peter Herbert: King Oedipus (Millennium)
  • Jerry Hahn: Time Changes (Enja)
  • Reuben Hoch: RH Factor (Bellaphon)
  • Andreas Manndorf: The Gatecrasher
  • MHS Big Band St Gut: Klang Debuts
  • David Liebman: Classic Ballads (Candid)
  • Phil Markowitz: Looking for the Light (CB)
  • David Liebman: Classique (Owl/EMI)
  • Lars Daniellson: Poem (Dragon)
  • Lars Daniellson: Fresh Enough (Bellaphon)
  • David Panichi: Blues for McCoy (Spirit Song)
  • Gunnar Mossblad: Convergence (Mossblad Music)
  • Craig Fraedrich: So in Love (Positive Music)
  • Aydin Esen: Anadolu (Columbia/CBS Sony)
  • Chin Suzuki: The Moment (One Voice)
  • Motohiko Hino: Sailing Stone (Fun House)
  • Ed Sarath: Last Day in May (Konnex)
  • Christian LeDelezir: Exaton (Exaton)
  • Manu Pekar and Guests: Manu Pekar and guests (Columbia)
  • David Liebman: The Tree (Soul Note)
  • David Liebman: One of a Kind (Line)
  • Quest: Of One Mind (CMP)
  • David Liebman/Gil Goldstein: West Side Story Today (Owl/EMI)
  • Phillip Kahn: Pacific Rim (Borland International)
  • Portal/Gurtu/Cinelu/Liebman: Live in Lille (Sari Seeri)
  • Mick Karn: Bestial Cluster (CMP)
  • Trio Plays Cole Porter: Red Records (Italy)
  • Timeline: David Liebman, Owl/EMI (France)
  • Visions: Tom Harrell, Contemporary
  • Chant: Daivd Liebman & Richard Beirach, CMP (Germany)
  • Sail Away: Tom Harrell, Contemporary
  • Something Else: Jack Bruce, CMP (Germany)
  • Nine Again: David Liebman & Franco D'Andrea, Red Records (Italy)
  • Tomorrow's Expectations: David Liebman & Caris Visentin with the Ronan Guilfoyle Trio, FMC (Ireland)
  • Schoenberg Improvisations: Harry Pepl, Amadeo (Austria)
  • The Blessing Of The Old, Long Sound: David Liebman, New Sound Planet (Italy)
  • The House On Lefferts Blvd.: Yosi Levy, MCI (Israel)
  • Homecoming: Abbey Rader, Cadence
  • New York Nights: Quest, Pan (Japan)
  • Trio & One: David Liebman, Owl/EMI (France)
  • Natural Selection: Quest, Evidence
  • Unexpected: Zaviot with David Liebman, Jazz Is (Israel)
  • A Sip Of Your Lips: Ricardo Del Fra, Ida (France)
  • Voice Of The Wind: Ed Sarath, Timeline (France)
  • Day And Night: McGill Jazz Ensemble with David Liebman, McGill (Canada)
  • Homage To John Coltrane: David Liebman, Owl/EMI Records (France), Blue Note (USA), rereleased by Universal in 2002
  • Midpoint: Quest, Storyville (Denmark)
  • The Energy Of The Chance: David Liebman and Dave Love, Heads Up
  • A Tribute To John Coltrane: David Liebman/Wayne Shorter, King-Paddle Wheel (Japan), Columbia Records (USA)
  • Rah: Billy Hart, Gramavision
  • Abracadabra: Jeff Palmer, Soul Note (Italy)
  • Men's Land: Michel Portal, Label Bleu (France)
  • The Story Of Moses: Bob Moses, Gramavision
  • Quest II: Liebman/Beirach Quartet, Storyville (Denmark)
  • Inner Voices: Paolo Fresu, Splash (Italy)
  • Inner Rhythm: Robert Jospe, Tundra
  • Picture Show: David Liebman, PM Records
  • Tender Mercies: Klaus Ignatzek, Nabel Records (Germany)
  • Double Edge: David Liebman/Richard Beirach, Storyville (Denmark)
  • The Duo Live: David Liebman/Richard Beirach, Advance Music (Germany)
  • New Hands: Lars Danielsson, Dragon (Sweden)
  • Guided Dream: Tolvan Big Band with David Liebman, Dragon (Sweden)
  • The Loneliness Of A Long Distance Runner: David Liebman, CMP (Germany)
  • Acoustical Suspension: Teo Macero, Teresa Gramophone Dr. Jazz FW
  • Sweet Fury: David Liebman, From Bebop to Now (Canada)
  • The Spell: Klaus Ignatzek, Nabel (Germany)
  • Spirits Of Hopi: Jill McManus, Concord
  • Mars: Steve Masakowski, Prescription Records
  • Things We Did Last Summer: John McNeil, Steeplechase (Denmark)
  • Picadilly Lilly: University of Miami Concert Jazz Band
  • Introspection: Jukkis Votilla, Finn Records, Polydor (Finland)
  • Visit With The Great Spirit: Bob Moses, Gramavision
  • Earth Jones: Elvin Jones, Palo Alto
    (rereleased on Quicksilver QSCD4015)
  • Mistletoe Music: (various artists), Palo Alto
  • "Lieb" Close-Up: David Liebman, CVR
  • Spirit Renewed: David Liebman, Bob Moses, Eddie Gomez, Timeline Records (France 1991)
  • Impressions Of Charles Mingus: Teo Macero, Palo Alto
  • Clean Sweep: John McNeil, Steeplechase (Denmark)
  • Wings: Chin Suzuki, Trio (Japan)
  • Fusion Super Jam: Aurex Jazz '81, EWJ 80210 (Japan)
  • Visiting This Planet: Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music
  • Memories, Dreams and Reflections: David Liebman, P.M. Records
  • Hearing Voices: Tisziji Munoz, Anami Music
  • Quest: Liebman/Beirach Quartet, Trio, Breaktime (Japan), Palo Alto (USA)
  • So No One Else Can Hear: Jimmy Cobb, CVR
  • Coupe De Tete: Kip Hanrahan, American Clave
  • Day Dream: Terumasa Hino, Flying Disk (Japan)
  • Heads Up: Stone Alliance, PM Records
  • If They Only Knew: David Liebman, Timeless (Holland), MCA - Impulse (USA)
  • Susto: Masabumi Kikuchi, Columbia (Japan)
  • Minerva's Owl: T. Akase, Continental (Japan)
  • Mountains: N. Ino, Nippon/Columbia (Japan)
  • The Opal Heart: David Liebman, Enja (Germany)
  • Matsuri: Chin Suzuki, CBS/Sony (Japan)
  • All In All: Masahiko Satoh, CBS/Sony (Japan)
  • Faun: John McNeil, Steeplechase (Denmark)
  • Secret Places: Nina Sheldon, Plug
  • City Connection: Terumasa Hino, Flying Disc (Japan)
  • Dancing On The Table: Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen, Steeplechase (Denmark)
  • Doin' It Again: David Liebman, Timeless (Holland)
  • "Mr. Foster": Al Foster, Nippon/Columbia (Japan)
  • Who's Who: John Scofield, Arista Novus
  • Family: Bob Moses, Sutra (also titled: Devotion, Soul Note, Italy)
  • Wheels Of Colored Light: Bob Moses, Open Mind (Germany)
  • Home: Steve Swallow, ECM (Germany)
  • Dedications: David Liebman, CMP (Germany)
  • What It Is: David Liebman, CBS/Sony (Japan) Columbia (USA)
  • Pendulum: David Liebman, Artist's House
  • Omerta: David Liebman/Richard Beirach, Trio, Breaktime (Japan)
  • Tiger In The Rain: Michael Franks, Warner Bros.
  • Flaming Spirit: Ric Drexler, Claremont
  • New Moon In Zytron: Jame Zytro, Pacific Arts
  • Bishop's Bag: Bishop Norman Williams, Theresa
  • Light'n Up Please: David Liebman, A&M;/Horizon
  • Wishes / Kochi: Masabumi Kikuchi, East Wind (Japan), Inner City
  • A Place Within, Link Chamberlain: Muse (*also released as: What's New, David Liebman, Jacobson Tobacco Road Germany)
  • Main Force: Elvin Jones, Vanguard
  • The Last Call: David Liebman, Ego (Germany)
  • Ljubljana Jazz Festival '75: Na Koncertinom Podiju (various artists) Jugoton (Yugoslavia)
  • Year Of The Ear: Baird Hersey, Bent BRSI
  • Sweet Hands: David Liebman, A&M;/Horizon
  • Live From Onkel Po's Carnegie Hall: (various artists with Lookout Farm), Polydor (Europe)
  • Father Time: Frank Tusa, Inner City (Enja-Germany)
  • Passing Dreams: Badal Roy, Adamo
  • Ashiribad: Badal Roy, Trio (Japan)
  • Forgotten Fantasies: David Liebman/Richard Beirach, A&M;/Horizon
  • Bittersuite In The Ozone: Bob Moses, Mozown
  • From Russia With Jazz: Prince Igor Yahivelich, Different Drummer
  • What'cha Gonna Do For Me: Steve Satten, Columbia
  • Dark Magus: Miles Davis, CBS/Sony
  • Drum Ode: David Liebman, ECM/Polydor (Germany)
  • Get Up With It: Miles Davis, Columbia
  • Somesvilles: Fred Thompkins, Festival
  • First Visit: David Liebman, Phonogramm/Phillips (Japan), (also released in 1980 by West), 1992 Westwind
  • People And Me: Abbey Lincoln, Inner City (Nippon Phonogram, Japan)
  • Lookout Farm: David Liebman, ECM/Polydor (Germany)
  • Spirit In The Sky: Open Sky Trio, P.M.
  • Berlin '73: Miles Davis, Jazz Masters
  • Miles in Montreux - Boxed Set: Warner Bros.
  • En Concert: Miles Davis, Europe 1 (France)
  • Miles And Beyond: Miles Davis, Lyfe
  • Call It What It Is: Miles Davis, JMY
  • Another Bitches Brew: Miles Davis, Jazz Door
  • Black Satin: Miles Davis, Jazz Masters
  • Palais Des Sports: Miles Davis, Lyfe
  • Open Sky: Open Sky Trio
  • Mr. Jones: Elvin Jones, Blue Note
  • On the Corner: Miles Davis, Columbia
  • Live At The Lighthouse: Elvin Jones, Blue Note (re-released 1990) Vols. 1+2, Blue Note
  • Jazz Jamboree '72: Elvin Jones, Polskie Nagruna (Poland)
  • From A Whisper To A Scream: Esther Phillips, Kudo
  • My Goals Beyond: Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, Douglas
  • Genesis: Elvin Jones, Blue Note
  • Merry Go Round: Elvin Jones, Blue Note
  • Nightscapes: David Liebman/Carvel Six, CBS/Sony (Japan)
  • Hino's Journey To Air: Terumasa Hino, Love TP (Japan)
  • Brief Replies: Ten Wheel Drive, Polydor
  • Peculiar Friends: Ten Wheel Drive, Polydor
  • The Best Of Ten Wheel Drive: Polydor
  • Och Hans Vanner: Lars Werner, Love (Sweden)

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