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David Liebman Big Band: Beyond the Line (OmniTone 12204)

World debut recording!

Winner of prestigious Aaron Copland Award!

Six compositions from jazz crusader David Liebman, drawn from his 30+ year career and reflecting the eclectic musical styles and trends he's assimilated, have been arranged by six leading arrangers including Jim McNeely and Vince Mendoza.  Also included is the audaciously re-worked, Grammy-nominated "Sing Sing Sing," written specifically for Liebman as soloist with the Carnegie Hall Jazz Band.  Lieb's big band is a cross-stylistic collective of top-flight East Coast performers and improvisors.

The music is filled with unusual harmonies and room for collective improvisation and ranges from the fusion-jazzy "Fracas" to the programmatic, deeply moving "Hiroshima Memorial" to the mysterious and deeply harmonic "Carissima" to the chamber music-like "Done With Restraint" to the flowing, polychromatic brushstrokes of "Pablo" (for Picasso).

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  1. "Hiroshima Memorial" (11:23)   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
    (arranged by Ed Sarath)
  2. "Beyond the Line" (6:53)   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
    (arranged by Vince Mendoza)
  3. "Sing, Sing, Sing" (9:39) (Louis Prima)   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
    (arranged by Jim McNeely)
  4. "Carissima" (6:59)   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
    (arranged by Henrik Frisk)
  5. "Fracas" (3:45)   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
    (arranged by Alan Baylock)
  6. "Done with Restraint" (9:39)   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
    (arranged by Jim McNeely)
  7. "Pablo's Story" (11:28)   [Listen: MP3 | WMA]
    (arranged by Bill Warfield)

All compositions by David Liebman, Liebstone Music (BMI), except where noted.

David Liebman, soprano saxophone, wood flute ·
Gunnar Mossblad, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone ·
Jay Brandford, alto saxophone, clarinet, flute ·
Dave Riekenberg, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet ·
Tim Ries, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet · Chris Karlic, baritone saxophone, flute, bass clarinet ·
Dave Ballou,* trumpet, flügelhorn · Laurie Frink, Bill Warfield, Pat Dorian, trumpet ·
Tim Sessions, Scott Reeves, Sam Burtis, Jeff Nelson, trombone ·
Jim Ridl, piano, keyboards · Vic Juris, guitar · Tony Marino, bass ·
Marko Marcinko, drums, percussion ·
Gunnar Mossblad, musical director

Recording Engineer: Peter Karl
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: John C Fishell
Album Designer: Frau Kranift
Liner notes and artist photos by Frank Tafuri
Assistant producer: John C Fishell
Producers: Gunnar Mossblad, David Liebman
Executive Producer: Frank Tafuri

Made possible by a generous grant from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music Recording Program.

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